Our Impact

BRAINS impacts a diverse community of neuroscientists nationwide and is transforming the neuroscience landscape.


BRAINS enhances retention, career advancement and diverse leadership in neuroscience

As of 2020:
  • 144 BRAINS participants since 2013
  • 97% of participants continue to pursue science careers
  • 42 participants have become assistant professors
  • 15 participants have advanced to associate professor, full professor, chair and provost positions
Learn more in our 2022 impact report

BRAINS disseminates the program model, develops theory and inspires independent programming by participants

  • The BRAINS Team has published peer-reviewed papers to share the program model and contribute to academic theory.



BRAINS empowers participants and transforms their career experiences

  • “I have never felt more relevant or like I belong in this field than I feel now. This program has provided me with literally every tool, resource, network, that I need to survive as a URM in neuroscience.” - 2019 Fellow
  • “[When I entered the BRAINS program] I was very close to leaving academic science and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am now without BRAINS. And, more importantly, I wouldn’t be happy with my career even if I was here.” - 2013 Fellow
  • “This family is unlike anything I’ve ever known. The trust, the connection, the emotional & scientific encouragement/engagement, and unconditional support provided by BRAINS is unmatched.” - 2017 Fellow

BRAINS expands participant networks

  • “I have been much more proactive in networking with researchers in my field and in my new university setting. I think BRAINS helps one realize the importance of networking...and I think BRAINS also gives one the confidence to move forward on networking with both peers and those in my established positions.” - 2014 Fellow
  • “BRAINS created an additional professional network and maybe more importantly, a community of similar-minded professionals to discuss personal, career, and any other matters.” -- 2019 Fellow