Ongoing Engagement

All BRAINS Fellows and Affiliates have ongoing access to the BRAINS community and offerings throughout their career. This ongoing engagement allows participants to deepen their relationships, grow their networks and access skill development as they progress through their careers. 

Cross-Cohort Symposia

BRAINS participants are invited to our Cross-Cohort Symposium where they make new BRAINS connections, widen and deepen their networks, and engage in professional development workshops. Participants develop new career skills and address career challenges and questions related to the symposium theme. 

"I came here hoping to leave work at work and to recharge. This symposium allowed me to re-discover my whole self and to personally reflect on issues I am dealing with back at home/work.” 


Community members gather at a BRAINS booth during SfN to connect with one another, share their BRAINS experiences with potential applicants and connect about their science. Community members also gather for a celebratory reunion.

Spring Virtual Gatherings

Annual spring virtual community gatherings provide program and community continuity. Like the Cross-Cohort Symposia, the smaller, spring virtual gatherings serve as touchstones into the BRAINS community, catalyze connections among participants from different cohorts, and provide a venue to address emerging issues on a regular basis. 

Ongoing Communication

The BRAINS program provides connection within the BRAINS community through weekly email messages, Slack channels, WhatsApp groups and many 1:1 interactions.