Priscila Goncalves

Columbia University

Post doctoral fellow

Cognition Alcohol Cannabis Adolescence

I am a Brazilian research psychologist with a long-standing interest in neuropsychology and alcohol and substance use. Currently, I am a third-year postdoctoral fellow in the Substance Abuse Epidemiology Training Program at Columbia University, working with population and longitudinal studies (e.g., the National Survey on Drug Use and Health [NSDUH], and the Adolescent Brain and Cognitive Development Study [ABCD]) in cannabis and alcohol co-use (C+A co-use). My next step is to develop a research program to investigate cognitive and neurobiological mechanisms as predictors of a risky pattern of poly-substance use, C+A co-use during adolescence using the ABCD study. Using behavioral and neuroimaging measures, I will investigate self-regulation prior to substance initiation to understand executive functioning and impulsivity mechanisms related to future C+A co-use and cannabis/alcohol use disorders during adolescence. Having a broader understanding of self-regulation mechanisms will contribute to identifying at-risk children and adolescents before substance initiation, which can have immense clinical, prevention, and public health implications.

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Addiction Cognitive Neuroscience Lifespan Development

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