Kimberlei Richardson

Howard University College of Medicine

Associate Professor

Orexin Addiction Neuropharmacology

Dr. Kimberlei Richardson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacology at Howard University College of Medicine. Her laboratory utilizes neuroanatomical, pharmacological, and behavioral strategies to study the role of neuropeptide regulation (the orexin system) in drug and food addictions. Her work has contributed to the understanding of the role of the orexin system in drug reward. Specifically, the interaction between orexin projections and the ventral tegmental area during protracted abstinence from chronic morphine. In addition, her laboratory seeks to identify cellular and/or molecular mechanisms that may be responsible for an association between binge eating and drug addiction. More recently, Dr. Richardson and her team have investigated the role of the orexin system in mediating pain sensitivity. In addition to her research duties, Dr. Richardson is devoted to increasing the number of underrepresented minorities in biomedical research. She has mentored over 30 undergraduate, graduate, and medical students since joining the faculty at Howard University. She also volunteers as a motivational speaker in the Prince George’s County School system (Maryland) and in Washington, DC.

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