Jary Delgado

Loyola University Chicago

Assistant Professor

My research is focused on understanding the cellular mechanisms responsible for synaptic plasticity in various brain areas. In particular, my research lab studies the molecular mechanisms responsible for the stabilization and removal of ionotropic AMPA type glutamate receptors from excitatory synapses. The reasoning behind these studies is to further our understanding of these molecular mechanisms as their dysregulation gives rise to brain disorders affecting memory systems. Thus, understanding how neurons process these signals is of utmost importance. We aim to answer three main research questions. One of our goals is to determine the mechanisms by which proline-directed phosphorylation regulates the stability of postsynaptic spines. The second goal of my laboratory is to determine the role of m6A mRNA methylation in neuronal excitability. Our third goal is to understand the process of excitatory synaptic function from the perspective of individual molecules. We use a multidisciplinary approach that combines mouse genetics, molecular biology, whole-cell electrophysiology, computer simulations, and high-resolution microscopy techniques.



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Chicago, IL

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Synaptic And Molecular Systems

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Synapses Cell Signals High-resolution Microscopy/electrophysiology

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