Jonathan Morrow

University of Michigan

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

PTSD Learning And Memory Addiction Rodent Vulnerability Individual Differenc Translational

In addition to running a very active research program, I provide medication management and other clinical care to patients through the University of Michigan Addiction Treatment Services (UMATS). The main research interest of my lab is delineating the basic neurobiology that underlies motivated behavior. We use individual differences in Pavlovian conditioned approach behavior in animals to measure a type of cue-reactivity that can predispose to multiple psychiatric comorbidities, including addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder. Ongoing projects in my lab include characterizing the psychological properties of cue-reactivity, identifying molecular and circuit-based mechanisms that determine an individual’s Pavlovian learning style, and identifying interventions that can switch individuals from vulnerable to resilient phenotypes. In addition, we have adapted Pavlovian conditioned approach tasks for human subjects so that this research can be used in longitudinal and neuroimaging studies of clinical populations. These projects provide ideal opportunities for mentoring trainees in alcoholism and other addiction-related research.

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